Saturday, April 16, 2011

Spring is on Back Order

While the skiers may be thrilled by the prolonged season, waking up to a fresh six inches of snow in the middle of April is just a little bit disconcerting. What, we must wonder, happened to spring? And why was winter chosen to stand in during spring’s absence? I remember, back in my golfing days, being out on the links by now. This is a little crazy.

I’m not usually one to complain about the weather. Some years ago I accepted that there was nothing I could do about it; like babies, you get what you’re given. It’s one of those waste-of-energy things that I, to a relatively large degree, mastered. I admit that I do whine when it’s too hot. I don’t do hot very well at all. Thankfully, hot is usually blessedly short around here.

I feel for the geese and swans and other spring birds that have been flocking in for the past few weeks. They are such a welcome sign of spring and to be greeted with all this white stuff must be equally disconcerting to them as it is to me. Finding food has to be a challenge and how do you keep eggs warm in a snow bank?

On the other hand, the bugs that are starting to venture forth are getting a bit of a shock, which is fine with me. I won’t mind if the wasps and spiders don’t make it. (I know that’s not nice!) And what about the bears? By now they will be awake and wandering in search of food. If they don’t find it in the bush, they will come in to town.

Furnaces that by now are turned down, if not off, are blasting exhaust into the air around the clock and wood piles, already low, continue to get smaller. Winter boots and coats are hanging in there. Shorts and sandals have gone back to sleep. Last week my brother-in-law was mowing his lawn. This week the Lord of the Manor will be firing up the four-wheeler to plough the driveway. And I will have to dig out the scraper for my windshield if I choose to venture out anywhere. Scraping the snow and ice off of Gracie is a big job! I’ll have to plan carefully if I want or need anything. I’m very, very glad that I left the winter tires on.

In six days I will be moving. I would prefer not to have to do that in this kind of weather. I’ve put my order in for warm, but not too warm, temperatures without precipitation of any kind. The Universe has yet to get back to me on that. I’m cautiously optimistic, but fear that spring is still on back order and won’t be available until mid-May. I’ve seen it snow here in July, so I know that anything can happen.

Today I’ll tackle packing up the office and linen closet. I will have to find a few more boxes as I’m low on small ones for the books. (I guess I’ll be scraping after all!) Tomorrow it will be the kitchen. Then it will be four days of living around boxes and in a diminished capacity to function.

How do people do this every couple of years?!

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  1. I think those that move frequently don't bother accumulating 'stuff'. They use what they need and leave the rest boxed up or get rid of it. I know I couldn't move often with all that I've got buried downstairs!

    I hope the weather turns around for ya! I hope for me too. The gloomy skies ARE getting abit old...



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