Thursday, June 30, 2011

Progress Report

It’s the last day of June – the year is half over. (One of my cheeky employees even reminded us that there are only six months until Christmas!) I’ve been living in my house for just over two months. I still can’t believe how natural it all feels. I love my house, my Alegria!

The work on the yard is my biggest priority at the moment. It’s progressing, albeit slowly – but it is progressing. If I wasn’t committed to fixing it up a few days ago, I sure am now. There will – at least – be a labyrinth before the end of summer. And a fence. I think the fence will be a huge asset. It will make the yard appear... less vast. Yes, I think that’s the right word. At the moment, it sort of blends in to other yards and the parking lot at the back. A clear and definitive boundary will give it a sharper perspective and provide a contained aspect, clearly outlining what needs to be done.

On Tuesday a bobcat moved all of the large gravel out of the way and piled it up at the back of the property. That opened up a great deal of muddy ground and left another few tons of crush still to be moved. It’s a process!

That's one big pile of gravel!

First I go around sweeping the crush away from the edges of the where I want to work. Then I lift the plastic to roll the gravel toward the centre so I can shovel it up. As I work, I have to cut the plastic to free it so I can eventually remove it. Once one bit of plastic is cleared and taken away, I move on the next one, working systematically across the yard. With a bit of luck, I should have the area for the labyrinth cleared by the end of the weekend. Maybe! That’s the goal. It’s slow and tedious work. I try not to look up and take notice of how much there is to do.

There are still a few plants to move as well. Ornamental grasses are scattered throughout the yard and I can’t decide if I want to keep them or not and, if I do, where to put them. There are two hop vines that need new homes and random flowers that survived from previous garden beds have popped up here and there. I’m trying not to destroy them in hopes of moving them in the fall. I want some flowers somewhere, but I haven’t figured out exactly where they should be. There is a space in front of the shed that I think would be a good place. A trellis for the hops and a few shrubs and flowers would look nice there. Hmmm... might be the way to go.

The work is cathartic. I feel a growing connection to the earth. Each shovel full of gravel, all the dirt under my nails – even the rocks in my shoes - makes me feel good. It’s invigorating, energizing, healing. I get weary and sore, but I smile. I feel grounded and calm. It’s a nice way to feel. I think that this place is actually good for me.

I find myself wanting to be outside. There is a place in my brain that resists the idea of working on the yard. Some whiny little voice pipes up and complains every time I pick up the shovel. It’s annoying. I just tell it to suck it up and it soon retreats back to the recesses of my mind where it pouts for a while before falling into silent defeat. I promise it ice cream when I’m done and that usually shuts it up right quick like when it’s having one its more stubborn tantrums. (Must remember to buy more ice cream this weekend.)

I’m actually hoping for decent weather this weekend. Not too hot, but not too rainy. I have three whole days to work on the yard and, as I said, get the labyrinth space completely cleared. Once the lumber wrap is down and the lines are painted, I can then start schlepping the gravel back into place. I so can’t wait to walk the labyrinth. It’s what is keeping me and my shovel so harmoniously united.

And, no doubt, Skinny Cow in business!

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  1. Oh my word... I see what you're talking about now. That's alotta gravel! Your milk jug trick is genius. :)



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