Saturday, July 30, 2011

Hakuna Matata

So Nolan goes up to his Mom, his Aunt and his big sister, who are sitting at my dining room table and says, “What are you guys doing at my work?” His Aunt answers, “We came for a visit.” Nolan says, “You guys go home and do the dishes.”

This is just one of the hilarious anecdotes I could share about my adorable grandson who came with his parents and sisters to visit this past weekend. At 3 years old, Nolan’s imagination is kicking in – in high gear! Last time he came to visit he suddenly announced that there was water in my basement. I had only been living in my house for a week and, trying not to panic, asked him to show me where the water was. He stood at the top of the stairs and pointed. “Down there,” he said. I cautiously descended the stairs and looked around. I could find no water anywhere.

I was, needless to say, as relieved as I was confused. On the ascent, all became clear, though. Nolan was calling down to me to hurry and get out of the water. He took me by the hand and led me to the walkway between the living room and dining room at the head of the stairwell. “This is the bridge,” he informed me. “Don’t go in the water.”

It’s been a long time since I’ve had little ones around. I had forgotten how real their imaginary games seem to them. Nolan was genuinely concerned for my safety in the water and adamant about the girls going home and doing the dishes. What were they thinking going to his work anyway?

The world of the preschooler is a fascinating one. Everything is so fresh and new and wondrous and exciting. Watching my grandchildren, I feel the loss of that freshness in my own life. How do we, as adults, maintain wonder and excitement amid obligation and duty?

I remember the first time I got a bill in my name in the mail. That was wondrous and exciting. It made me feel all grown up and responsible. It was a thrill to go to the bank and pay it. It was a rite of passage, but now the thrill of the rite has found some other passage.

Buying my own house was thrilling – and scary – but it was a process; a grown up process that held little in the way of wonder. Although, I did spend a bit of time wondering what the hell I was thinking! LOL And it all seemed so normal.

I’m reasonably sure that I would not want to be three years old again, if only because it would mean that I would eventually be a teenager again and there just isn’t enough money in the universe to make me want to do that again. Ick. Double ick!

Maybe winning the lottery would be good. For a while. But what the heck would I do with all that money? The thought of investments and… other money stuff just sounds baffling. Though it would be very cool to be able to help my kids out and pay cash for a brand new vehicle – just once.

I suppose that the privilege of being able to see Nolan and JoJo go through the wonder is good enough. Watching them discover and interpret life is amazing. And not just a little entertaining. They are hilarious. It’s the circle of life (cue Lion King theme song) and it’s all good.

Hakuna matata!

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  1. How fascinating! One adventure I wish I could have!


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