Sunday, March 4, 2012

Ten Random Things About Me

This blog was inspired by my daughter, who posted a blog with the same title last week.  So I have challenged myself to come up with ten tidbits about myself to share with you.  Here we go…

1.    1.  I HATE to travel.  I am a consummate homebody and pseudo-hermit.  I have no desire to sleep in strange beds or eat strange foods.  If I want to see something in the world I Google it – photos work for me.  Although, I must admit, I would like to see the Canadian Maritimes and spend a few days with my grandkids in Drumheller. 

2.    2. I HATE being too warm.  Turn down the heat.  Put a sweater on if you’re cold!  Seriously, you can keep the tropics; I’ll happily stay in the Great White North.

3.    3. I LOVE to knit.  I love to design my own patterns and one day I hope to publish a book of original patterns.  I have a particular love for designing and making socks.  The more colourful and funky the better.

4.    4. I HATE driving.  I could happily cut up my license and never sit behind the wheel of a vehicle again.  While it is a handy skill to have and I can almost enjoy it when it’s really cold out, I actually prefer to walk whenever I can – or be chauffeured.

5.    5. I’m an extremely fussy eater.  I do not possess an adventurous palate in any way.  Seafood, especially, is something I avoid, though I do like the popcorn shrimp at Joey’s Only. 

6.    6. Last year I bought my own house.  It’s fabulous and I am having an absolute blast personalizing it.  Last summer I built a 40’ labyrinth in my back yard and this winter I painted a 9’ X 4’ mural on my living room wall.  I’m currently attempting to renovate my spare bedroom and am in the process – the very slow process – of scraping two layers of wall paper over which someone painted off the walls.  I’m pretty sure those walls will be textured! 

7.    7.  I am a bit of a taphophile, meaning that I love wondering around cemeteries.  I am documenting the Houston Municipal Cemetery and have photographed about ¾ of the graves so far.  When I’m forced to travel, the first thing I look for is the local cemetery. 

8.    8.  I have two grandchildren.  Being a grandmother is awesome.  There’s room in my life for many more, but I’m not holding my breath.  The two I have are incredible little people and I wish I was closer to them so we could spend more time together.

9.    9.   I have a cat named Oliver.  His name means olive tree and I chose it because the olive branch is a symbol of peace.  Contrary to his name, however, life with Oliver is not always very peaceful. But it’s very cool that he plays fetch!

10. 10.  My formal education consists of a GED certificate and my YIT 500 hour diploma.  A handful of other certificates grace a binder in my office for things like Reflexologist and Medicine Wheel Facilitator, but my primary education has been in the school of life.  I give myself a high C+/low B- as far as grades go.  But my greatest achievement – a solid A+ - is for my three amazing daughters.  They make everything worthwhile.

      Well, that’s it!  You can check out my daughter’s blog ( and compare!    


  1. It seems as though the apple as fallen mysteriously far from the tree! How did that happen?

    1. I guess that`s what happens when the tree grows on a hill! LOL


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