Friday, July 10, 2015

The Majestic - a restaurant review

Houston.  Population:  3200(ish).  Not enough for a Tim Horton’s, but more than enough apparently for three Chinese food restaurants.  There is not a lot of option when it comes to dining out in Houston.  Lunch venues like Brewstir’s, Tea Gallery and the Food Market are adequate – even quite good.  But dining out… I mean really dining out… leaves a lot to be desired.

You can imagine my thrill then, when earlier this year, The Majestic opened its doors at the Houston Motor Inn.  The Majestic offers East Indian and Western cuisine and, all spices aside, has been a breath of fresh air for me as far as going out for dinner is concerned. The butter chicken is delectable.  The curried lamb is exquisite.  The coconut chicken is nothing short of amazing. 

While I’ve had the pleasure of eating at The Majestic several times, I have not yet managed to get through the whole menu.  What I have experienced so far, though, is delicious!

People who know me well enough are a bit taken aback by my enthusiasm for this new restaurant.  I do not possess a very adventurous palate; Kraft Dinner and wieners is food of the gods in my opinion.  But I love a good curry and being able to customize the “hot level” of the spices (1 to 5) means I can eat to fit my mood.  And all for very reasonable prices!

My only trepidation is that restaurants tend not to last very long in this venue.  For much of the 36 years that I have lived in Houston, the Houston Motor Inn (formerly Midway) restaurant space has sat empty, the freezer warm and the friers cold.  There have been several attempts by various people to provide both good and mediocre dining experiences there.  None have lasted more than two years.  So I think I will be looking for excuses – lots of excuses – to eat there for the next 18 months or so.  

And if anyone would like to join me, don’t hesitate to give me a call!  

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