Friday, December 31, 2010

New Year's Intention

It’s that time of year again! People are celebrating the end of the year and the beginning of a new one. But is it really the last day of the year? Some time ago (and I haven’t looked it up) March 1st was the beginning of the year. Really, the calendar is an arbitrary convenience adopted by most of the world as a planning tool. The Chinese New Year, though, is February 3rd, which marks the year of the rabbit. For the rest of us it’s just 2011.

Numerologically, 2011 is going to require some measure of effort. It is a year when partnerships, with work, can build or re-establish strong foundations. There is much potential here and much hope. As the second year in the second decade of the millennium, 2011 emphasises the need for cooperation and challenges us to use our own personal strengths for the greater good rather than to serve our individual needs.

The first day of 2011 is represented by the number 6. A day for family, it is a good time to clear the air, forgive and empower loved ones with encouragement and support.

My first duty this New Year’s Eve is to smudge my house. A good deal of negative energy has accumulated over the past several months and so I have decided that I need to ritually clear it and invite positive energy back in. It’s been a while since I have smudged and I am looking forward to the spiritual uplifting that this simple rite invokes. January is to be a time of healing in this house; a time to let go and become empty again. I have let secular interests overshadow spiritual ones and it is now time to re-prioritize, cleanse my chakras and seek out the sacred in myself once again. (I know it’s in there somewhere!)

I am loathe to use the term resolution. I suppose it is, but I prefer intention as a way of expressing my determination for the new year. Change is never easy and after so much doubt I doubt that everything I intend will manifest. But I will try. And I guess that is the point, isn’t it? To try. And to keep trying.

They say that in order to achieve anything, you have to start with the desired result and work backward. The Law of Attraction is based on this simple premise: visualize what you want and believe that it is so. Behave as if you already have what you want and it will naturally happen. Sounds so simple. (If I behaved like I made a hundred grand a year, I’d be in big trouble! LOL)

Anyway, I’m going to go and jump in the shower, get dressed, have some lunch, tidy the house, put away the holiday trimmings and get prepared for my evening. I’m making split pea soup and corn meal muffins for supper tonight. It’s going to be a busy afternoon.


  1. Happy, happy New Year - wish I could join you for the soup!! Blessings and love. Peg

  2. Happy New Year to you! The soup was delicious! I wish you were here to share it, too.


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