Saturday, January 8, 2011

Sleepless Redesign

I couldn’t sleep. I kept thinking about the sleeves on Bizz’s sweater and finally I got up and unravelled them both to start again. This whole design thing is much, much harder than it appears.

For a while there, I thought I was almost finished, but I just could not make myself like or accept the sleeves the way they were. I had to rip them out before I passed the point of no return. It’s a set-back, for sure, but one that I know I’ll be glad for in the end. Already, I don’t regret it.

That could change in about... oh, 100 rows or so!

Over all, I’m pleased with what I have done. The sweater looks like a sweater. It’s not perfect, but it is reasonable for a first attempt at making one from scratch without a pattern to guide me. I see knitting in a different light now and have gained enormous appreciation and respect for all those people who work out patterns on a regular basis. Socks are so easy. I can whip them up without a great deal of cerebral exertion, but a custom garment like this tunic is a challenge that I was not fully prepared for.

Still, I can hardly wait to get on to the next project. Every day I learn something new and how to apply it. I know that the next sweater will be easier and go smoother. The process won’t be so daunting and six or seven sweaters from now, I’ll feel more confident and, possibly, daring!

While I was lying in bed, wide awake this morning with images of the sleeves keeping me from finding my way back to the land of nod, I caught glimpses of other possible designs. Before I unravelled the sleeves, I jotted down three more ideas. One is a bulky, hooded pullover, one is a kimono style cardigan and one is a long tunic. That should keep me going for a couple of years.

In the meantime I have to catch up on Bizz’s tunic and get it done. I started the pocket last night and that won’t take long at all. The sleeves will take at least the rest of the week. On the up-side, I’m still way ahead of my predicted schedule for the sweater. She’ll be wearing it before the snow is gone!


  1. Oh, now I see why the comment on Facebook. It's too bad you have to re-do - but then again, it is a learning experience - and isn't that why we're here on earth!!

  2. Yes, the learning curve has been incredible. But I think it will all be worth it in the end.


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