Sunday, January 16, 2011

Winter - Accommodating My Knitting Projects

Okay, I admit it, the continuously falling snow is getting to me. It hasn’t stopped snowing for days. And days. And days.

Sure it’s pretty. If you don’t have to drive in it. But enough is enough, already.
On October 27, 2006 the snow began to fall at 5:30 in the morning. It didn’t stop falling for 30 hours and in that time over three feet of snow accumulated. Two things happened. People got mad and people came together to help dig each other out. It was in interesting weekend.

This slow and seemingly relentless accrual, though, is maddening. The snow ploughs can’t keep up. The roads are a mess. People are shovelling, blowing and ploughing constantly, only to turn around and find they have to shovel, blow or plough again. And it’s cold. Temperatures have hovered near -20 all week with an easterly wind that feels like -30, making the shovelling, blowing and ploughing all the more unpleasant. The lack of sun is making people SAD and the grumpiness is coming out sideways and adding to the already heavy weight of the snow.

I don’t mind winter. It’s a time of rest and renewal; a good time to catch up on reading and, for me, a great time for knitting. While others are outside snowshoeing, skiing, sledding and ice fishing, I’m content to stay warm inside and wrap myself in my knitting projects. I don’t even own snow pants, so I have the perfect excuse! Yet after a week or so of non-stop snow, I’m thinking it’s time for a break. Even a little sun would be welcome.

On the upside, it appears that Bizz will indeed be able to wear her tunic before winter is over. My goal today is to finish the sleeves and get them on the block. With some luck, I’ll be able to start putting this thing together in a day or so and I’m relatively certain that winter will accommodate us both!


  1. Well, I guess as much as I complain about the rain here - at least it does keep me inside doing 'inside stuff'. Can hardly wait to see the finished sweater!

  2. Didn't get the sleeves quite done - but almost! I'll finish them tonight at Bizz's and get them on the block before bedtime. I can hardly wait to see the finished sweater too! (either?)


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