Saturday, January 7, 2012

My first week back at work after the holidays was great!  It was tough leaving Oliver home alone all day, but he survived.  And it was wonderful to be greeted again after a day in the office by a loving pet.   He’s hiding right now instead of enjoying my delightful company.  I cleaned the house and he is still terrified of the vacuum cleaner.  He’ll just have to adjust to it.  There’s nothing like the feeling of satisfaction after giving the house a thorough cleaning and tidying. 

The weather continues to be uncooperative.  While I realize that there is no point in complaining – we get what we’re given! – the warm temperatures and the rain are wreaking havoc by causing ice to build up everywhere.  The roads are treacherous and walking anywhere is a nightmare.  My winter shuffle makes me look like a helpless old woman, but I am determined to stay upright and avoid injury if at all possible.  My ice walkers help, but even they can’t prevent me from slipping all the time. 

The other day when I left work I was trying to open Gracie’s (my van) sliding door to stow Zippy (my mail cart) but the door was frozen shut and when I jerked on it my left foot slipped out from under me.  I managed not to fall but I wrenched my neck a bit and am paying the price for it now.  It’s not too bad today.  Yesterday was extremely uncomfortable, though.  Hopefully, I’m good to go for Yoga on Tuesday.  The housework hasn’t seemed to make it any worse.

I’m now on the hunt for a funky writing table to go with my new chair.  Last night, my sister, brother-in-law and parents came for a short, but very pleasant visit.  Sis and BIL surprised me with an wonderful gift – this gorgeous, antique office chair:

This lovely antique office chair was a gift
 from my sister and brother-in-law!
Several months ago, my sister had posted a photo of it on her blog.  They had decided to get rid of it and I responded by saying that it was too bad I was so far away as I would love to give it a new home. 

Well, in a serendipitous turn of events, my sister, her husband and my parents had traveled together up north here to attend my niece’s wedding.  They brought the chair with them and now it sits in place of pride in my living room.  Thank you, P & G!  I am thrilled!

I’m thinking of doing a bit of baking this afternoon.  It feels like a baking day!  Some peanut butter cookies, some brownies and maybe some chocolate chip cookies for good measure.  I might even get brave enough to take out my knitting later.  I’m anticipating a battle of wills over the yarn with Oliver, but I have a hankering to make something.  We’ll see how it goes!

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