Sunday, January 1, 2012

Welcome to 2012

It’s time once again to ring in the new year with my annual numerological assessment of 2012.  What energies does it hold?


Five is the number of celebration.  It’s positive aspects are fun, adventure, creative expression and joy.  On the negative side, 5 represents over-indulgence and selfishness.  Let’s aim for the fun, adventure and joy this year!

An important aspect of 5 is gratitude.  Count your blessings and be sure to say thank you for them often.  The simple act of kindness is a powerful way to overcome negative 5 energies.  So smile!  Do a good deed.  Compliment freely.  Help a stranger.  Help a loved one.  Oh, and be kind to yourself as well! 

2012 contains two 2s, one 0 and one 1. 

0 represents potential.  It is a void - a space to be filled.  Being a circle, the zero also reminds us of the cyclical nature of all things.  The never-ending circle of life:  birth, life, death... 

1 represents the self.  The positive 1 is confident and blessed with healthy self-esteem.  It can stand alone courageously and uphold its principles and values.  The negative 1, is selfish and petty.  It can be cruel. 

2 represents partnership.  Love or business is strengthened with the number 2 energy.  With two-2’s in the year, there is an emphasis on these aspects.  (Yay!)  But one must be careful that the 2 remains in balance.  An unbalanced relationship of any kind can mean power over or suppression of one by the other. 

So 2012 has enormous potential to bring many good things into our lives.  We could very well find ourselves joyously celebrating love and/or success, having all sorts of fun adventures and finding new ways to express our creativity.  Wow!  Sounds like a busy year ahead. 

Today, in particular, is a 7 day.  Seven is the number of spiritual energy.  A positive 7 is filled with compassion and love and is deeply connected to Spiritual Source.  (Whatever that may be for each of us)  2012 01 01 as you can see has three 1s in it.  The Self is encouraged to communicate inwardly through meditation or reflection.  Today is a good day for such activity.  It is also a good day to reach out to those we love and say so!  Communication, while not overtly represented, is being strongly encouraged. 

There are three 0s as well.  That’s a lot of potential!  Today is a day to foster new beginnings, a day to let go of the past and start fresh.  Let that creative energy flow!  Fill your day with something wonderful.

The two 2s once again invite successful love and business interests.  So go ahead and make that deal!  Or bask in the light of love. 

I chose this photo to represent 2012 because of the symbolism of swans.  The swan as a totem is filled with amazing energies:  Love, Grace, Union, Purity, Beauty, Dreams, Balance, Elegance, Partnership and Transformation – all of which tie in quite nicely with 2012. 

So, Happy New Year!  May 2012 bring all of the very brightest of blessings into your life.  

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