Thursday, January 3, 2013

New TV Stand

I spent a day – or most of one – in the basement over the holidays.  I came up for air, lunch and a Skype session with my grandchildren around 11 a.m., but otherwise, I was in the shop finishing my new TV stand.  It was so nice to have some uninterrupted time to just work on a project that has been on the list for a while now. 

After completing the book shelves some time ago, I decided to make a matching TV stand.  During the process, it became painfully clear that I need a) a better work bench; b) that coveted sliding mitre saw; and c) more practice!  Not sure in what order they will appear.  Or what order they should appear.  But they will I’m sure.

Apparently, I need more movies to balance things out.    
It’s rather difficult to level things when the work bench I’m working on is tippy.  A functioning level might not hurt either.  The tiny, little level that I have was broken while building the storage shelves so it’s not at all reliable.  And it’s very tiny, which would have been fine in this case, had it not been broken. 

I was forced to improvise by taking myriad measurements and then backing those up by eye-balling the different bits and pieces.  All in all, it seemed to work out okay.   The stand itself is relatively square (another thing I need to invest in if I’m going to keep creating this stuff) and sturdy enough to hold my TV, DVD player, movies, CDs and CD player. 

I did forget one thing:  progress pictures.  I was so caught up in the Zen of construction that I didn’t even think to snap a few shots.  Oh, well.  Documenting Good Enough Construction’s projects is probably not all that necessary.

So now I’m designing coffee and end tables to match the TV stand and book shelves.  I’m not entirely sure how I’m going to make them work, but I have a vague plan in mind.  I also think that I’ll hold out for the sliding mitre saw before I tackle them.  Or I’ll invest in a clamping straight edge so that I have a proper guide for the circular saw.  My cuts are getting better, but I’d rather not have to do the sanding that I had to do on the TV stand to correct the wiggly-ness that I so easily manage to achieve at present.


  1. Well done.
    You do better than me. I can and do cut a crooked board no matter what.

  2. Looking good, sis! Dad says he's retiring his tools, maybe you can tap into that treasure trove for some of the things you need.


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