Wednesday, April 3, 2013

C is for Contest!

Ali holding Shades of Blue 

I am about to shamelessly trumpet about my extremely talented daughter Alison. 

Alison is the oldest of my three daughters – all extremely talented, by the way – and she is an artist.  She specializes in fantasy art, specifically fairies and she has just entered a The Fairies Fantasy Art Awards Contest for a chance to win a licensing contract with 

Shades of Blue (2012)
The first round of voting is now open and I am appealing to all who stumble across this post to please, please, please follow this link: and cast your vote for Allison (it’s actually spelled with one L, but we’ll work out the details when, with your help, she wins) Spokes.  She needs to be in the top five to advance to the second round. 

When she's not painting fairies, Alison
dresses up as a fairy.  
Alison started to draw when she was four years old.  Her early work, while child-like in its rendering, showed amazing promise.   She continued to draw all through her childhood, growing ever more confident and skilled.  In her early twenties, she discovered digital media and began to paint incredible works with her favourite theme: fairies. 

Ethereal Earth is the name of her art business (  You can find her prints and other merchandise on Etsy ( and Zazzle (  Feel free to browse – and buy! – after you vote.  Coffee tastes much better in an Ethereal Art fairy mug and books are better with an Ethereal Art bookmark saving your place.  

Here are some more examples of Alison's work...

Graphite drawing of
Humphrey Bogart (Ali
was about 16 when she
drew this)

Hunter's Moon (2012)

One of Ali's earlier Fairies

The Muse (2011)

Just getting her "wings"
Ali drew this in high school.

Doesn't this just scream winner to you!?  

You can learn more about Ali and her art in her interview for Creative-Artists-Blog:  


  1. Of course she has my vote! Actually when I look over these paintings, I think she's every bit as good as some of them, and better than a lot of them! Here's to Ali!

  2. I just voted for her...Alison's work is lovely! She is (when I checked) in 6th place. Pretty good. She's got fierce competition but I think she's better than the two in the first positions now. Good luck to her.
    Jagoda (fellow A-Zer at

  3. Just blog hopping on the A-Z Challenge...very impressed by your daughter's art work :)


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