Wednesday, April 10, 2013

I is for Icosahedron

I first learned about the Icosahedron when I started studying sacred geometry.  I love patterns and I create mandalas because they appeal to my love of geometric patterns.  

The icosahedron is one of the five platonic solids, which are regular, convex polyhedrons.
The icosahedron is made up of twenty equilateral triangles and looks like this:

In sacred geometry, it is associated with the element of water and enhances the fifth chakra, the seat of inter-social conscience.  It represents transformation and emotional energy.

My favourite icosahedron is the one that came with my D & D dice set.  It has nearly killed my character, and has saved her bacon more than once.  The fate of Anayah is intrinsically enveloped in that little beauty in the center of the photograph.  Of course, the whims of the Dungeon Master play a connecting role here, too.  If I've learned anything playing D&D, its very simply:  Don't annoy the DM!  


  1. I'm learning so much with this challenge. Great I.
    Peanut Butter and Whine

  2. Icosahedrons are definitely cool. I've wondered about writing a story on some round planet with an icosahedral pattern of geography, maybe twenty large islands spread around its seas.

    Did you know that if you connected the center of each face of an icosahedron, you get the frame of a duodecahedron - the twelve sided die? :)


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