Thursday, April 4, 2013

D is for D'Arcy

To help me meet the A to Z Challenge I’m getting input from my friends on Facebook.  Suggestions for this post included:  donuts, dunno, doin’ it right, Derek (whom I don’t really know, but am still looking forward to seeing photos of his dream home someday), doh, crayons (which I cannot explain) and D’Arcy.  While I could probably say a lot about some of the suggestions, I was most inspired by D’Arcy, for D’Arcy is a most inspiring woman. 

I met D’Arcy in high school, grade 11 specifically, when she transferred to Sardis Secondary and we found ourselves in Journalism class together.  Our teacher’s name was Mennow Weins, but we called him Trout.  I’m relatively sure that was D’Arcy’s idea; I was far too conservative to have dared.  And while D’Arcy may beg to differ, I’m sticking to that story.

We became quite good friends, quite quickly.  She fascinated me.  While we waited for class to start, she would play her guitar, picking out Johnny Cash tunes, somehow making them cool.  I can’t listen to Ring of Fire without thinking of D’Arcy.  And smiling.

Perhaps that song was somewhat prophetic.  Today, some years after capturing my heart with her friendship, D’Arcy became a fireman… uh woman… uh person.  She’s also a paramedic (I think).  She zooms around in an ambulance and saves lives, so call her what you will, she’s definitely a hero… heroin?  Okay, let’s just say that D’Arcy rocks!

Our lives have taken us in different directions.  D’Arcy remained in Columbia Valley where she married the love of her life and with him raised four children.  She graduated from Mom to Nana (extraordinaire!) a few years ago and has three adorable grandchildren.  And she remains one of the dearest, most precious friends I have ever had the privilege to know.

            She also makes a damn fine pirate!

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  1. So cool to have a friend so dear for so many years! How come we've never met??


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